Grand Theft Auto 5 | 7 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries in 2021 (GTA Online)

Grand Theft Auto 5 may be older than half my audience but it’s a game that keeps on giving!
Today let’s look through 7 mysteries the community are trying to uncover. Could you be the one to find the missing piece of the puzzle?

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Grand Theft Auto 5 | 7 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries in 2021 (GTA Online)

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  1. I figured out the mout Rushmore map go to the very top wear thear is a platform look under it and u will find a drawing of a red eye then carved on the other side is a message saying complete the game then come back…

  2. I recently found the Chiliad Egg as well as the Space Docker use location and purpose. But when told a friend about it, it was no biggie. Guess everyone just gave up.

  3. I have no idea but the idea occured to me for the head in the mountain Easter egg. Some rouge developer put his face in the game and then when it was discovered someone said who is the dickhead who put his face in the game. Then the head was replaced with a dick aka the dickhead.

  4. I think that the slasher you get the navy revolver from is the infinity killer and the reason he tries to kill you because you would be he’s 8th victim but if you kill him then the navy revolver is your prize for making the infinity killer aka the slasher his last victim

  5. Just finished gunning down 38 civilians in broad daylight
    “Oh noo theres a serial killer on the loose? I gotta solve the clues and find out who would do such a thing”


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