Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay – DOJ 149 – Multiple Pursuits (Law Enforcement)

Join Jeff, Polecat and myself along with DOJ in FiveM when multiple pursuits start in San Andreas! ▻Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay DOJ Playlist▻ ▻Links …

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  1. It'd be sick if Rockstar released a Police DLC with new Sheriffs cars, CHP cars and new features for the cop cars like in gta4 where you could use the police computer in your car and everything. And make the spotlights on the cars movable so you can point it at different things. A Naval DLC would be cool and all, but a Police DLC would make way more sense, especially considering this is a crime game and not a military simulator. They could make alot of shark card sales too if they had pay-walls for certain things like making you have to complete police academy which they could set at $500k, and make freemode events where you have a certain time to arrest a specific criminal, and over time after arresting enough people and reaching your quota you can rank up and unlock different police vehicles. Also create a jail so if someones griefing and you arrest them, then they'll be jailed until they can pay to get out (another need for shark cards for some) Probably too much for Rockstar to implement, but it'd be awesome nonetheless.

  2. @Bay Area Buggs
    here is some police codes
    10-1 Unable Copy – Change Location
    10-2 Signal Good
    10-3 Stop Transmitting
    10-4 Acknowledgment (OK)
    10-5 Relay
    10-6 Busy – Unless Urgent
    10-7 Out of Service
    10-8 In Service
    10-9 Repeat
    10-10 Fight In Progress
    10-11 Dog Case
    10-12 Stand By (Stop)
    10-13 Weather-Road Report
    10-14 Prowler Report
    10-15 Civil Disturbance
    10-16 Domestic Problem
    10-17 Meet Complainant
    10-18 Quickly
    10-19 Return to ___
    10-20 Location
    10-21 Call ( ) by Phone
    10-22 Disregard
    10-23 Arrived at Scene
    10-24 Assignment Completed
    10-25 Report in Person (Meet)
    10-26 Detaining Subject, Expedite
    10-27 (Drivers) License Information
    10-28 Vehicle Registration Information
    10-29 Check for Wanted
    10-30 Unnecessary Use of Radio
    10-31 Crime in Progress
    10-32 Man with Gun
    10-33 Emergency
    10-34 Riot
    10-35 Major Crime Alert
    10-36 Correct Time
    10-37 (Investigate) Suspicious Vehicle
    10-38 Stopping Suspicious Vehicle
    10-39 Urgent – Use Light, Siren
    10-40 Silent Run – No Light, Siren
    10-41 Beginning Tour of Duty
    10-42 Ending Tour of Duty
    10-43 Information
    10-44 Permission to Leave __for__
    10-45 Animal Carcass at _
    10-46 Assist Motorist
    10-47 Emergency Road Repair at _
    10-48 Traffic Standard Repair at _
    10-49 Traffic Light Out at _
    10-50 Accident (F-Fire, PI-Personal Injury, PD-Property Damage)
    10-51 Wrecker Needed
    10-52 Ambulance Needed
    10-53 Road Blocked at _
    10-54 Livestock on Highway
    10-55 Intoxicated Driver
    10-56 Intoxicated Pedestrian
    10-57 Hit and Run (F-Fire, PI-Personal Injury, PD-Property Damage)
    10-58 Direct Traffic
    10-59 Convoy or Escort
    10-60 Squad in Vicinity
    10-61 Personnel in Area
    10-62 Reply to Message
    10-63 Prepare Make Written Copy
    10-64 Message for Local Delivery
    10-65 Net Message Assignment
    10-66 Message Cancellation
    10-67 Clear for Net Message
    10-68 Dispatch Information
    10-69 Message Received
    10-70 Fire Alarm
    10-71 Advise Nature of Fire
    10-72 Report Progress on Fire
    10-73 Smoke Report
    10-74 Negative
    10-75 In Contact with _
    10-76 En Route _
    10-77 ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
    10-78 Need Assistance
    10-79 Notify Coroner
    10-80 Chase in Progress
    10-81 Breatherlizer Report
    10-82 Reserve Lodging
    10-83 Work School Crossing at _
    10-84 If Meeting _ Advise ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
    10-85 Delay due to _
    10-86 Officer / Operator on Duty
    10-87 Pickup / Distribute Checks
    10-88 Present Telephone # of _
    10-89 Bomb Threat
    10-90 Bank Alarm at _
    10-91 Pick Up Prisoner / Subject
    10-92 Improperly Parked Vehicle
    10-93 Blockade
    10-94 Drag Racing
    10-95 Prisoner / Subject in Custody
    10-96 Mental Subject
    10-97 Check (Test) Signal
    10-98 Prison / Jail Break
    10-99 Wanted / Stolen Indicated
    10-101 What is Status? (Are you secure?)
    10-106 Secure (Status is secure)
    there is many MANY more

  3. ive come to the conclusion that there is only two types who watch these videos
    1. those who appreciate realistic role play.
    2. those who attack the first type saying "its just a game" and that "there doesnt need to be any realistic role play."


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