Grand Theft Auto Online Best Vehicle Discounts (14th November 2020) – Grand Theft Auto 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #12

Grand Theft Auto Online best vehicle discounts for 14th November 2020, plus details of any new cars added to the game and changes to the Casino lucky wheel podium …

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  2. lol its literally the last vehicle and its being delayed. just give it away and get it over with, what benefit are they getting from doing this like they did with the jugular? literally no video game developer knows how to do a simple and beneficial job nowadays lmao

  3. Great. First day with the new podium car and i won it just to discover that i apparently already swapped my original Stromberg when there was 80% twitch prime discount on it so there pretty much isn't anything i could earn on it.

  4. I am not going to buy the nothing. I couldnt find it on the website and it has no wheels, therefore it cant be quick although its at the top of its class. Overall its too expensive aswell.


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