Grand Theft Auto Online: Future DLC Cancelled! Rockstar CEO Shares Details 2020 DLC News & More!? (Grand Theft Auto 5 Online)

Hey everyone! Today, we’re talking about the current state of Grand Theft Auto Online and why Grand Theft Auto Online is not receiving any updates for the time being. Like & Subscribe for more Grand Theft Auto 5 Videos!
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Comment (37)

  1. The fact is they haven't had a decent dlc since the heist missions all the other ones are really just copys of that. They would be better of doing the story mode update but yeah they wont do that . Rdr1 was so boring aint no way im touching rdr2

  2. How can they think their gonna make money off a online game that only had like 20 guns to buy and some irrelevant horses in GTA there was a good amount of content around the start and they didn't have another game being updated at the same time

  3. You released this video just as they finished drip feeding the last of the content from their latest dlc, so ppl saying why are they taking so long for a new dlc is redundant. We’re going to be waiting a little while still.. Gta is and is always going to be the more dominant of the two games, them stopping dlc’s for gta would hurt both their own pockets and the gta community will start to evaporate. If they have any business sense they won’t do this as they will be out of pocket on both sides.


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