GTA 5: 29 Secrets and Easter Eggs

Watch 29 secrets and Easter eggs in GTA 5 referencing dozens of real-world movies, games and TV shows, Rockstar’s previous works and more.

CORRECTION: #11 is firstly a reference to Republican Space Rangers. But the cartoon is well-known as inspired by Halo.

CORRECTION: #29 is the ghost is actually Jolene Cranley-Evans, and the name she leaves behind is Jock, accusing her husband of her murder.

GTA 5: 29 Secrets and Easter Eggs

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  1. 5:41

    You accidentally made a mistake here, the ghost at Mount Gordo isnÔÇÖt Leonora Johnson. It is Jolene Cranley-Evans, the former wife of Jock Cranley. She was killed after a fatal fall which Jock saw.

  2. IGN you guys got it wrong, the red dead redemption book was written by Jack Marston (John Marston's son) and at the end of the first red dead redemption game you can see Jack Marston writing the book

  3. Just started a strangers and freaks mission using franklin, after meeting a freak, there's spaceships (UFO's) scattered throughout los Santos and franklin has to collect "omega" from inside them. That's all I know about it so far

  4. Master Chief reference? The radio or that "Master Chief reference" or whatever literally says "Republican Space Rangers"… eh I guess this is 7 years old now so yeah and maybe Republican Space Rangers is a Halo reference… idk


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