GTA 5 Mega Map Expansion Upgrade 3

This is the latest version of the GTA 5 Mega Map Expansion.

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The Liberty City Rewind Mod by Encrypted Reality and Vice City are combined in the Liberty Cry Mod, which can be found here:

The SanAndreas map addon by GTA Belgium can be downloaded here:

The Stark Tower by Habibou De Débézède is available here:

The Iron Man Mansion by JDeezNutz can be downloaded here:
It can be downloaded here:

You can get the Natural Vision Evolved Mod here:

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00:00 Titan by Scott Buckley
02:44 Light in Dark Places by Scott Buckley
06:08 Olympus by Ross Bugden
08:50 Ascension by Ross Bugden

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Here you can find the official YouTube Channel of Scott Buckley:

Official YouTube Channel of Ross Bugden:

GTA 5 Mega Map Expansion Upgrade 3

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Comment (34)

  1. 1) it doesn’t look as complex as rockstar would make it
    2) notice how the expansion models are bigger
    3) I guess to make it more complex is to shrink every down to rockstars default value and add more, you can always add more props textures and models when everything is shrunk
    4)needs more grass more buildings more roads it’s gonna get boring

    4.2) the lighting looks awful

    5)other than that it looks great!!!!

  2. You know if rockstar keep using the airport they just made available after cayio and make liberty city
    San Fierro
    And las Venturas
    As new room maybe gta v will reach the 2 tb format but fuck that a lot of npc
    Random cars
    And mission and interior they have to make but hey thankgod I’m not at those board meetings

  3. This looks cool and everything but do you really think that Rock star do something like that on GTA v not really because it takes a lot of load time. GTA v is already slow on the PS4 and Xbox 1 that's why they making it the new console so the game can load alot faster


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