GTA 5 Online – NEW Car Culture Update – Summer 2021 DLC Wishlist / Predictions

GTA 5 Online – NEW Car Culture Update – Summer 2021 DLC Wishlist / Predictions

This video is talking about the New GTA V / GTA 5 Online Summer Update / Car Culture Update which has been teased by Rockstar games. This video highlights some ideas of what I personally believe we should see in the gta 5 tuner update – as sort of a Wishlist / prediction list of various features and additions I hope to see in this new GTA Online Update. Here I highlight various vehicles I hope to see introduced or making a return from older GTA games , as well as new additions in terms of gameplay that I think Rockstar should implement.

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Intro: 0:00
GTA 5 Tuner Update – New / Returning Vehicles: 1:02
GTA 5 Tuner Update – More Customisation Options: 3:01
GTA 5 Tuner Update – More Garage Space / Storage: 5:24
GTA 5 Tuner Update – New Types Of Racing: 7:00
GTA 5 Tuner Update – New Drifting Options: 8:34
Epilogue: 10:!5
Outro: 10:36

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GTA 5 Online – NEW Car Culture Update – Summer 2021 DLC Wishlist / Predictions

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Comment (47)

  1. More vehicles I’d love to see but failed to mention:

    – Sierra RS Cosworth
    – Honda s2000
    – Mazda Mx5
    – Bmw E36
    – Bmw E34
    – Subaru WRX Sti (Hatchback)
    – Porsche 930
    – Ferrari F430
    – Ford Mustang Fastback

    Comment your other picks below!
    (And don’t forget to drop a like if you enjoyed 🙂 )

  2. turbos and superchargers need to be added and put on any car and they need to make all interiors different and unique as well as the engine bays. also we need a trackhawk and a amg benz

  3. Rockstar has absolutely no reason at all for them to not let us have a huge warehouse with 40 to 100 car spaces like some Jay Leno's garage. Like seriously, Devon Weston's hanger just as an example can be converted to a personal garage that consolidates all modifications from lowriders to weaponized and tuner into one garage. Hell they can even fit purchasable lifts in the garage so you can stack cars 10 or 20 feet on the air.

  4. we need new interior for old vehicles like the zentorno i would like to see a zentorno or turismo r with the interior of a tempesta it would be more aggressive

  5. I’m not really into cars and this is gonna seem like I’m one of those people who sees the car in f&f and likes it but personally a 93 Honda Civic would be nice

  6. -Off road upgrades
    -Overlanding upgrades
    -Rally car upgrades
    -Van life upgrades
    -Pro Drag cars
    -rock clawing
    There’s a lot of different car cultures they can tap into.

  7. I’m hoping for a newer garage property. Like arena war customization with the headlights mixed with bennys. This can also give you access to drift suspension or body kits as mentioned in the video. You can customize your garage too, add some neons, music, and graphic art on the walls. This can also be a way for them to introduce drag racing, like if you own the property you can do rockstar created drag races. Idk how they’d do it though. And of course I wish for more cars, and maybe even interior neons for the cars

  8. I basically want midnight club in gta online lol! I'd also really like turn signals at least when I use my GPS so it's nothing id have to do manually which would also be cool but maybe a special vehicle that you pay way too much for just to be able to have turn signals? Maybe a future benny garage feature? I'll keep dreaming

  9. So I would want a lot of cars, but this is update is based arounr cars so I would expect it. So my wishlist:
    – BMW M4 F32 and M5 F90
    – BMW M3 E46 (Sentinel from GTA IV)
    – Mercedes Cl63 C216 AMG
    – Mercedes S63 2014
    – 2000s Mercedes S maybach (Schafter from GTA IV)
    – Mitsubishi Evo 9 (prob the Maibatsu Sunrise R) or Mitsubishi Galant (Maibatsu Vincent)
    – Subaru WRX STi Hawkeye or Hatch
    – Mazda RX7 FD
    – Nissan 350z / 370z
    – Nissan S15 Silvia
    – Newer Dodge Charger Hellcat
    – Newer Chevy Camaro
    – C6 Corvette (from GTA IV Coquette)
    – Ford GT40
    – Updated Nissan R35
    – Lambo Huracan Spyder / Aventador S
    – Porsche 911- The newest one


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