GTA Online on PC is UNPLAYABLE in 2021

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If you are interested in a modded account for PC contact Sewsh on discord Sewsh#3006

My GTAV Settings:
The most common questions:
Q1: Why do you use the old heavy sniper rifle?
A1: Just because it looks brutal and it has better sound of the shots that I like. Also watch this video, it explains everything

Q2: Who is the best sniper in GTA Online?
A2: This is my personal leaderboard of the GTA Online players who are good at sniping vehicles/jets:

2. Eliminator321 [XPRO]
3. Crazy Krille [XPRO]
4. UVersusPro [XPRO]
5. Protokille [MPRO/SUCE]
6. Kalle [CS16]
7. MetalChameau [MPRO/SUCE]
8. QuickSilver
9. KayeKizzle [13YO]
10. Staeni [SUCE]

If we talk about the best 1v1 player of all the time then it’s Protokille [MPRO/SUCE]

Q3: Why do you accuse other players of tryharding while you are a tryhard too?
A3: I accuse other players of tryharding against the noobs or peaceful players. If you like killing players then kill the same tryhards as you but not the players who cant protect themselves.

Q4: Where are you from and how old are you?
A4: I’m 23 and I’m from Russia :/
MetPro SOWC:
Tr1GG3r XI:
Joie (aka girl gamer):
Featured Channels to watch for similar gameplay in GTA 5 online:

ShootEmUp YT:
My best Montages:


2. GTA V – Ultimate Montage by UVersusPro


My PC:
🎮 CPU: i7 7700K @5.1Ghz
🎮 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z270X-UD3
🎮 Cooler: Thermalright Macho Rev.A
🎮 GPU: Gigabite RTX 3060 Super
🎮 Memory: Kingston HyperX Savage 2x8gb 3000Mhz
🎮 HDD 1: Seagate BarraCuda 500Gb
🎮 HDD 2: WD Red IntelliPower 2Tb
🎮 SSD: HyperX Savage 480gb
🎮 Power Supply: Corsair CX 650M
🎮 Case: Zalman Z9

and peripherals:
🎮 Monitor: DELL S2417DG (165hz)
🎮 KB: Corsair K68 RGB (Cherry MX Red) + Dark Project PBT Sideprint Keycaps
🎮 Main mouse: G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB
🎮 Mouse for shooters: Glorious Model O- Matte White
🎮 MP: Logitech G640
🎮 HP: Apple EarPods
🎮 Mic: Audio-Technica AT2020USB+
Mouse’s sens: 1100 dpi 0sens in the game’s settings.
My accounts:
1. UVersusPro [from 14.04.15 to 12.01.18] – KittyHaker21 [I used it from 12.01.18 to 18.04.19] – from 19.04.19 Eliminator uses it
2. _AIMBOT.EXE_ [from 18.06.17 to 04.08.18] – UVersusPro [since 04.08.18]
3. CitizenCatz [from 15.04.16 to 17.02.18] – DatBadCat [since 17.02.18 – 29.03.18] then from 30.03.18 to 18.04.19 Eliminator used it. From 18.04.19 Friendly_Pug
4. WakandaForever [I was using it for 3 months in the end of 2019, in February I gave away the account]
5. ApeWithNoBrakes [January 2021 – March 2021]
6. …..
Video created with Sony Vegas Pro 13.

GTA Online on PC is UNPLAYABLE in 2021

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Comment (27)

  1. Rockstar are just milking this game and just getting money off of the amount of people that play it but they don't care about getting a new anti cheat. I am sick of people forcing my game to crash and forcing me to their apartments of Cayo Perico. I sent out 2 report tickets on modders, with video proof and Rockstar still haven't gotten back to me and it has been over a week. Rockstar need to hire better staff willing to help rid of all of these mods and mod menus. It's pathetic fix your shit Rockstar.

  2. it's just sad how these loosers play. it's just sad
    EDIT: and apparently
    rockstar: meh these cheaters who ruin other's game are not a problem, let's ban these who are helping the others! yes that is super good idea!

  3. I start playing GTA V when it was free on Epic Games, and when I started I have to put me a mod that put me god mode, bc in other way I have no chance to survive hackers, and at the time i have been thinking to pay for one that can protect you from hackers that can kick you out and that stuff

  4. Just to protect people and let them have fun i download mod menus that can crash someones game. When i see someone modding griefing others and ruining peoples fun i open the mod menu and crash whoever griefing people with mods. I never use it don't drop people cash nobody knows who did it. IM A SUPERHERO BOI

  5. every F session have a modder i try kill him with weapons they blow me up i try hydra they wont die and just kick you out of it.even if the whole session kicks it wont let cuz they bug it so wtf what should we do? Rockstar added that when you collect money quick or just somehow it allarms you but nothing ells and when hacker use something it sometimes says just to go to new session >:C

  6. Thats because gta decided it was a good idea to make everything cost hella. So people would rather spent 20 dollars to get infinite money than to get 10 mil which is 3 cars

  7. Got banned on my main account for glitching money with a issi, and now am just a friendly modder, giving friends money/rp if they want it. Not griefing other players. Only kicking other modders that are trolling or griefing.

  8. Modders – breaks the game, bans players, destroy cargo.

    R* – this is fine

    Player – finds a money glitch



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