GTA Online SUCKS in 2021… 10 Reasons Why

10 Reasons GTA Online SUCKS in 2021


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GTA Online is the most successful Grand Theft Auto title to date but that doesn’t mean there are some annoying things happening in GTA Online. Today we are discussing 10 Reasons Why Players HATE GTA Online in 2021. GTA Online in 2021 is way different than GTA Online in 2013 vs 2021. If you compare to the two, it’s a whole new world. From GTA Online Modders, the Opressor MK2 and much more. Today we have 10 reasons why GTA Online SUCKS in 2021.

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GTA Online SUCKS in 2021… 10 Reasons Why

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Comment (49)

  1. Every tiny little detail in this game is meant to piss you off so u buy shark cards. From it taking hours of effort and being in game to make any good money, to A.I enemies being able to snipe you out a buzzard from across the map

  2. But you know what would make us really happy? If they brought back "BULLY" for once. I mean seriously Rock Star. BULLY: Scholarship Edition was a literal masterpiece. I love literally everything about that game. The story, the soundtrack, the characters and it's just a very fun and somehow nostalgic game to play. It's been literally since 2006 when BULLY first came out and we still haven't gotten a sequel yet.

    You guys with me on this right?

  3. I'm just glad that Rock Star Games is still bringing some of their other games back like Red Dead Redemption. I would be pissed if GTA Online was the only thing they ever care about.

  4. Bruh playing console sucks in my opinion cause the there’s a lot of tryhards and other dum idiots trying to kill u everywhere and i have played on pc and I have never or haven’t seen a try hard

  5. I literally can’t have fun with randoms anymore, I used to do a little race called the Faggio Cup with my friends and randoms. If I do that today I’ll have 10 million lock on sounds behind me with the roaring screeches of missiles blowing up.

  6. Once I was getting run over and just being greifed. He got disconnected and he started texting me on Xbox chat “ lmao I got disconnected.” I then asked to stop and you won’t believe what he said. He told me “ why it’s fun” and he said that we were playing chase. If this is what gta online is turning into, I’m going to loose faith in rockstar

  7. Game takes ages to load and then there's just loading on top of loading. Tons of trolls, tons of modders, tons of people who just abuse low level players (like me, I'm used to being a punching bag by now though, even in coop missions), tons of people who purposely leave or let everyone wait until the clock ticks down, etc. Even just with friends, it takes ages to load. Just so much time is wasted basically.

    Also, in heists, or missions, why don't they put the stats after you've completed it? Why do they only put them after the whole group fails? That's just a lil' side thing that I don't understand. There's much more but I honestly just can't give a care in the world anymore lmao. Waste of time.

    +Devs don't care to fix anything, at all, they're just lazy bums.

  8. GTA 5 online sucks, everything is expensive. Takes forever to load, loads of hackers and cheaters, massive pay wall. Haven't played it in 6 years. ready for new GTA

  9. If spent more than 3 full triple A title worth of money on shark cards after 2016 on this game you the reason we ain't got a new GTA Game or side story expansion

  10. I hate all of rockstars games right now you need to be in a stupid club getting money is just dumb I hope rockstar makes a good game cause gta 5 could be way better. Like MAKING THINGS NOT FRICKING 10000000 DOLLARS IDIOTS!

  11. This is one of the worst top ten GTA list I've ever seen. Your arguments are flawed due to your ignorance.
    Only had maybe two valid arguments here.
    I can break it down if you wish.

  12. I hate how things are so overpriced like the casino heist…u only get 100k while lesters fatass takes half the earnings even doe I dropped 2 million on the whole damn thing…..2nd I bought a bunker for 3 million and agents 14 bugs me about a operation center which is another 3 million!!!!the only problem with this game is money

  13. Gta5 online used to be fun in 2014 and 15 cuz everyone got along and money wasn't a huge thing. Until 2018 is when rockstar is making everyone turn against each other by making everything about money


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