GTA V – How To Download & Install Mods on Epic Games

For more information check out this guide:

A short tutorial on how to download and install mods for GTA V for the Epic Games version.
Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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GTA V – How To Download & Install Mods on Epic Games

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  1. the only problem i have is that i have absolutly not clue which Social Club account is linked to my Epic Games account so i can't sign in and if i go to my Epic Games account and check connected accounts there's no option for a Social Club one same thing if i go to the social club website there is no Epic Games option soooooo how do i find this out if i can't even unlink it apperantaly

  2. when i start up the game this appears
    [Window Title]

    FiveM Error

    [Main Instruction]

    FiveM has encountered an error


    Assertion failure: m_matches.size() == expected (C:glbuildsedf06b9bcfxfivemcodeclientsharedHooking.Patterns.h:125)

    [^] Hide details [Save information] [Close]

    [Expanded Information]

    Crash signature: gta-core-five.dll+37FC4

    Report ID: si-a98d957006b942b980ae6fcf759485ee

    You can press Ctrl-C to copy this message and paste it elsewhere.

  3. ok ok to average games this question sounds dumb but im trying to install the VR mod to gta 5 on epic games store… i downloaded it and i have FiveM already installed and set up but when i downloaded the vr mod to my computer i got a RAW folder and idk what to do with it

  4. i dont if any one will see this but sometimes when you try to place a mod in plugin the plugin folder dosent show up just delete fivem and instal it and it plugin should be there


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