Halo 2 MCC 4K Ultra Benchmark | RTX 3080 Ti + i9 9900K

Benchmark gameplay of Halo 2 Master Chief Collection on PC at 4K Ultra settings. Benchmarked on NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Founder’s Edition and Intel i9 9900K.

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Comment (19)

  1. They are the fps i'm now getting on AAA games when i now use Nvidia integer scaling at 1080p on my 4k 144hz monitor. It looks just as sharp with a few more jaggies but the 120-140fps in HDR is so nicer than 60-90fps. I think i will now do that until 2022 when i upgrade to ddr5, whatever cpu, pcie 4.0 gpu and nvme ssd gen 4 when games are fully console next gen unreal engine 5 etc. Then i'll hopefully be 4k 120fps plus AAA gaming every game with rtx. Having compared 80fps to 140fps i'd forgotten how much fps/hz trumps res. I'm so grateful to Nvidia finally doing integer scaling.

  2. To everyone complaining about the fps… It's probably CPU bottlenecked and only using 2 cores. Meaning you'd prob have the same fps with a 2060 super. Also, it's 150fps, half you guys only have 60hz monitors lol so whats the problem exactly?

  3. They really must had enhanced the textures and they really did the cutscenes in Halo 5 engine or something, played this in 3 way eyefinity and still got over 100 fps with my Vega 64. This is how PC games need to be optimized at 5760×1080 resolution.


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