Horsemen, Apocalypses – Red Dead Redemption 2: Pt. 25 – Blind Play Through – LiteWeight Gaming

In this blind play through video of Red Dead Redemption 2 we complete Albert Masons quest line, continue on with the Gunslingers, save a stranger, meet Eagle Flies and Rains Fall, and mourn another loss of a camp member!

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Dan C.

Horsemen, Apocalypses – Red Dead Redemption 2: Pt. 25 – Blind Play Through – LiteWeight Gaming

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Comment (36)

  1. i love america also but the natives where treated dirt like nothing you say "i teach history to where we never make those mistakes again" but you still do even the young native women act like white women they dont act like themselves no more thats a fact, im sorry but im way more american then this lady here.

  2. Ive been binge watching your rdr2 videos for the first time after seeing your first rdr1 video i like how you experienced both games in chronological order its a cool perspective to see, and i like the Avatar reference earlier in the video I wasn't expecting that. 😁

    Rip Kieran 😱 i wish be could have proven himself to the gang maybe join a heist or two at least but i guess it wasnt meant to happen..

  3. Alright i love this game as much as the next person and i did tear up on some parts, especially the ending but does anyone else think she kinda overreacts? Like the crying seems forced and ridiculous sometimes. Idk maybe it's just me but idk seems like fake reactions for views.

  4. Ah man.

    Witnessing the "muscle squad" of the gang: Arthur, Charles, Bill, Sadie, & John on the front line of this mission nearly made me tear up the 1st-time I played this mission.

    🙁 They were always on go-mode to protect the family. Like a group of jolly but dangerous hornets scrambling to protect the nest.

  5. If you’re wondering about the crater, it’s theorised that’s Marko Dragic caused it when he was experimenting with electricity for his robotics. It’s based on an incident that I cannot remember the name of, that actually happened in the United States in the 1800s. Nicola Tesla who Marko Dragic is based on, was accused of causing the real life incident that inspired the crater you were standing in 🙂

  6. Here's my theory kieran was kidnapped by the O'Driscolls during Jack's afterparty and was tortured to give the gangs hideout or was given by one of the members also where's Micah in all of this? Kieran was a good kid he did more than prove himself just wish there was a way to save him he did deserve such brutality by the O'Driscolls


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