How is end game in Wolcen? (Oct 2020)

Checking out how end game looks like in Wolcen and comparing with Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. It is still in early access and it will improve with next content …

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  1. Looking at this game you'd think it was one of those Chinese knock offs of Diablo 3. I mean, some of the art looks like straight up copy/pasted from Diablo 3. The inventory, ability bar, overhead map, and other things almost look suspect.

  2. Was looking forward to this game but the endgame just looks like diablo 3 which is not entertaining at all. Not sure why they would mimic a mechanic that is one of the reasons a competitor game has no player retention.

  3. If you are interested on how much does this game worth, its not worth the price tbh, they had a big update that scrapped a lot of features skills and now its much worse, wait until january if you wanna look on it but dont get your hopes high, devs of it seems to be like blizz retarded devs.

  4. i think it is really hard for these games to compete against poe since poe been around for more than 6 years .i think they should make it free to play and maybe then it will have a chance to survive


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