How To Build A Gaming PC Part 2 – "The Build" (i9 10900k, EVGA RTX 3080, 32GB G.Skill)

How To Build A Gaming PC Part 2 – « The Build » (i9 10900k, EVGA RTX 3080, 32GB G.Skill) My first gaming pc was the Alienware Aurora R7, when I purchased it, …

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  1. I love how you showed us your mistakes and corrections, that is awesome and it made me feel like we were truly learning together. I am doing my own new build right now and your videos have been extremely helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do this and not editing our your error along the way.

  2. Literally just started a new build and everything’s the same expect I already have a 2080Ti and my cpu cooler is z73 NZXT Kraken Lol everything else the same. Nice video hope you love the new rig

  3. OK just watched both videos. You are THE MAN. You make it look so easy. Sigh. So I guess I could just buy a new motherboard and a new Core i9-9700k processor, then get this PC case and use everything else I already bought for my alienware aurora and install it into the new case? Seems the most cost effective for me). Have no idea what to do with my old Alienware then – it would just be the stock one I originally purchased. Good places to sell a year old computer?

  4. Hey Wil, I just found your channel and I've been watching the videos. You do a great job, down to Earth and the edits and style is really good. I got started in PCs kinda like you. I had a Dell that we would upgrade. Never thought I could build an entire machine. But now I've helped build more than I can remember. Nice work, keep it up!

  5. I am building my first pc my specs are i9 9900k Rtx 2070 oc 750 watts 32 gb ram my motherboard is a ddr z390-apro with 1 tb ssd and 2tb hdd drive and a benq 240 hz g sync monitor Do you like it do I need more of something just asking

  6. awesome video man! this is the same build i'm doing this week apart from a few minor changes (aorus 2080 super waterforce, 1tb 970evo, aorus Z390 Master)
    This video is super helpful as im pretty new to building my own, only problem I have is with the connections, what goes where etc is there an easy way to understand the connections side of a build? so many of them!!!


  7. I find it funny, but I also own an Aurora R7. I did stumble on one of your reviews of the Aurora R7 and have been following you ever since. I ended up building my own system, about 3 weeks ago and parted out the Aurora to my sons custom build. I was surprised to see that not only have you decided to build your own, you also shared your journey with us. Additionally, my set up is not to far from your set up. I went with the i7 8700k and the EVGA RTX 2080 XC Hybrid and the Corsair H60i, both liquid cooled. I would love to know what kind of temps you are getting with your video card XC Ultra. I chose the liquid cool because my prior cards were running at 75 to 85 degrees Celsius playing The Witcher.
    Also,…keep up the good work…

  8. You made upgrade my Aurora 7, and now you gonna make me build my first PC…are you happy now? Lol joking, but seriously I've had that itch to build a PC for a while and your videos are very helpful to select the right part and such. Thank you so much man!


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