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Comment (42)

  1. Is it true that once you get to a certain skill tier that no matter what you do… sbmm is gonna punish you even if you join a low skilled account? I did the two console reverse boost method, and it just made it harder. All because I got 50 kills when I decided to actually try in a hardpoint game in my normal SBMM. I usually don't try because I know sbmm will punish me for being good. Back in modern warfare, I just played casually. I never camped or slide canceled and my lobbies stayed a little above moderate. They were tolerable. I regret trying because now cold war sbmm sees me as a superstar or some shit. I actually deleted cold war a week ago.

  2. I have a .88 kdr, and my lobbies always have at least 2 level 250+ prestige reverse boosters. Im like a bot to them, and it makes me not even want to play the game when im consistently going .33 cause of them.

  3. To everyone bitching about sbmm you essentially sound like your entire point is 1.) I can't dominate the lobby and play against new players every game so sbmm is shit. 2.) you played like a sweaty pleb for months and now that you want to play relaxed you can't congrats you did it to your self, my solution make another account and don't sweat so much or go play bots sbmm is to even the game out and your gunna play against people at your skill yea boo hoo it's not fun dying but it's even less fun for a new player to come in have shit team mates no idea what he's doing and then the cuck who's been sweating at the game for months is gunna come in a ruin the game for basically the entire lobby and make the game lose player base Jesus Christ 2021 the year of everyone bitching they can't win, be humble Jesus cod is literally the only game that every lobby feels like your back on Xbox 360 servers at the peak of its racial jont

  4. I made another account for multiple-player and I been playing on it for months now and the game feels like a normal cod compared to playing on my main account that seems to get the sweatiest lobbies I ever seen lol maybe I just get super lucky on the new account idk but hey I’m just a casual tryhard nothing close to pro level I personally think sbmm belongs in league play, pleaseeeee treyarch let us pub player’s feel cracked again 😂

  5. It’s funny because you want to make the game more enjoyable but the people that are low levels that we are going against or not enjoying the game when we play against them

  6. To many modded controllers I mean there no way in hell everyone has perfect aim no recoil yeah with the help of cornus max zen with all the mods I seen that on YouTube it’s sad you gotta. Cheat to win


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