how to farm lady death in division 2
lady death guide division 2
division 2 lady death
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  1. You need to learn to be more concise when presenting your thoughts. Constantly repeating the same phrases and terms is tedious to viewers. For example when you say it drops from Rikers named bosses and then reiterate the faction is Rikers and it has to be named bosses. You just gave the information not even 10 seconds prior there is little to no reason to repeat it. Also the first minute of the video is completely pointless. If you wanted to show your group getting the drop you should have muted the game play audio and had your commentary over it. Otherwise all it does is waste your viewers time. Brevity is something people appreciate more than anything.

  2. Your info is messed up LADY DEATH drops from any named enemy in New York while in free roam BULLET KING drops from rikers last boss in RIKERS missions ease get your info right so you dont mislead people again thank you

  3. Good Morning ladies and gents. I hope all of you are having a great day. To the creator of this video, I enjoyed this video a lot. I would love to invite all of you to a challenge in the DARK ZONE WARS. Feel free to come over and check it out and for those of you that are interested, please leave a comment below the video that I've linked onto this comment. Thank you so much and have a wonderful and blessed day.

  4. Some incorrect info. Any named open world boss from the deck of cards in NY. It was data mind and put on reddit a few days ago.

    I got mine off the Cleaner named Grey. In battery park on challenge a boss will spawn in about every 15 minutes in the hilly park area. (Pray it’s not Atlas.)

  5. There has been a ton of videos where people get it from any of the Named Bosses in New York. Not just Rikers. It’s a 3% Drop so between the weapon itself and getting Named Bosses to appear is all just RNG.


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