How to Set-Up and Use a Free Trakt Account (2021)

In this video, I will show you how to create and sign-up for a Free Trakt account. A free Trakt account will automatically track what you are watching and allow you to create custom lists to better organize the shows and movies that are most important to you which will result in the best streaming experience.

▶ Set-Up a Trakt Account Now: (Netflix Experience)
▶ Real-Debrid Sign Up Now: (Best Quality)

This will make you streaming set-up more like Netflix automatically and sync with all of your devices.

See how the Trakt is used:
▶ Part 1: (Demo)
▶ Part 2: (Installation)
▶ Part 3: (Account Set-Up)
▶ Part 4: (How to Use it)

Hardware You Will Need:
▶ Nvidia Shield Pro:
▶ Nvidia Shield Gaming Edition:
▶ Samsung SSD:
▶ SATA Hard Drive Adapter:

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Follow these 3 Simple Steps to Build the Ultimate Smart Home for Less:

——— Building the Ultimate Smart Home ———–
———————- Step 1 —————————–

Adding Alexa Voice Assistant (the voice and ears of your smart home)

Echo Device of Some Kind (recommend amazon products for full maximum compatibility):

Echo Dot:
Echo Flex:
Echo Input:
Echo Plus:
Echo Studio:
Echo Show:
Echo Show 5:
Echo Show 8:
Fire 7 Tablet:
Fire 8 Tablet:
Fire 10 Tablet:

——— Building the Ultimate Smart Home ———–
———————- Step 2 —————————–

Adding a SmartThings Hub (the brain of your smart home)

Samsung SmartThings Hub 2nd Gen:
Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Gen:

SmartThings IDE or API:

——— Building the Ultimate Smart Home ———–
———————- Step 3 —————————–

Visit (every compatible device to expand your smart home the right way for less)

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Smart home technology doesn’t have to be hard that is why we make it as easy as 123.

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How to Set-Up and Use a Free Trakt Account (2021)

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