How To Set Up The Nvidia Shield Android TV Box And Turn It Into An Awesome Streaming Device

In this video I show you how to set up the Nvidia Shield Android TV Box from start to finish for the purpose of streaming content. The Nvidia Shield is the best Android box on the market in my opinion and is my #1 recommended device to anyone looking for the best possible experience with Kodi and streaming apps.

The Nvidia Shield Android TV Box is also great for gaming as it can stream actual games from your PC. It also has an extensive catalog of Android games that no other device has.


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How To Set Up The Nvidia Shield Android TV Box And Turn It Into An Awesome Streaming Device

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Comment (37)

  1. Any idea why my ethernet port doesn't work? No lights indicator when I plug it into Shield. And I'm sure cable and router is fine cause it works elsewhere.

  2. Hello, my question is about the Nvidia remote control. I tried to program my smart phone so I could use it as the remote rather than the Nvidia remote ( I really don't like using it) and something happened with the pairing, (I wasn't able to pair it) and now my Nvidia remote will note work at all. I have tried several suggestions to restart the remote which I tried. I do get the blue light flashing but never get the light from the Google speaker button. I have unplugged the power cord from the Nvidia box at least 10 times but cannot get the remote to work. I even took batteries out of the remote to see if that resets the remote but it still doesn't work, I held the triangle button and the round bottom with the Google speaker button too . Any idea what I'm doing wrong or what I need to do?

  3. Hey mate

    I bought the shield and had used this set up for so long we loved terrarium tv for streaming but now itÔÇÖs closed down I dunno what to do. Showbox isnÔÇÖt the same anymore either most things wonÔÇÖt stream or are un available. Any help appreciated and thanks for this very informative clip was great

  4. Can you tell me why my Kodi does not load the add on's , I can see the build skin, but when I try to go to an add on, it won't load it. I got a brand new Nvidia Shield, the unknown sources are a nightmare, you have to allow its functionability one by one, and the worse of all, Kodi FreeFlix HQ do not appear to enable them. Can someone help with this issue?

  5. on the initial setup do you setup google with your info and say yes to ( let google use your device's location to improve location? sorry not as advance as everyone else thanks

  6. Nice Video!
    I noticed that you installed Kodi from the Google Play Store instead of side loading it.
    What are the pros and cons of installing it this way as opposed to side loading Kodi from the Kodi web site?

  7. Hello brother, I finally got my NS today and I have a question getting it up and running. When I get to the Titanium part of Supreme Builds, I did not see "Titanium Krypton" in the list. I only saw "Titanium USA Server 1 v3.5". Is it the same thing?

  8. Wassup KS, I have a 2017 Shield; Nvidia pushed their recent update and it f'kd up my box! It corrupted my adpotive storage flash drive and I also noticed the download manager app/icon is missing. My question: How do I get my downloads button back? How do I get my box to recognize my flash drive? Thanks man…


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