How to setup Real-debrid on kodi

Real-debrid gives you access to higher quality links and less buffering than what you would get from normal links. In this video, I show you how to setup Real-debrid account on kodi, to be able to get premium links! Enjoy!

How to setup Real-debrid on kodi

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  1. yeah I don't use a build.

    so when I go on system and then add ons… there's no manage dependencies option…..

    I thought buying real debrid was supposed to be stress free

  2. Hi Pistol Pete happy fourth had a question for you oh, it's been awhile since I had real debrid I signed up again and I noticed a big change in it there's only torrent links that are available my two devices are my phone which has the account of real debrid on it and my other device is Nvidia Shield, when I am trying to get a movie for my kid to watch or any movie it says torrent links you hit one and it says saving to real debrid Cloud it's downloading so when you going to your phone where the account is for Real debrid it's at the movie is at the bottom where file name is with a movie icon next to it the downloading just keep spinning around with zero I have no idea from there where to go I've never dealt with a torrent link before or links in the past you just click on a real debrid Lincoln you're good to go now all of a sudden you got to go through all this what am I doing wrong I just wanted to play in the Nvidia Shield I'm just trying to stream it


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