How to Stream Movies and Music Over the Network Using VLC

How to Stream Movies and Music Over the Network Using VLC

If you want to stream your movie or music archive across your home network or to your phone, then this video is for you.

Its real easy to do and free with VLC. No port forwarding needed, just set it up as I do and your be good to play all your content to any device on your network.

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How to Stream Movies and Music Over the Network Using VLC

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  1. Hello, I'm trying to stream an ISO file from my laptop using VLC to my firestick. I'm able to receive Dolby Digital 2.0 but I cannot stream 5.1 from the laptop to the Firestick. It appears to downmix to 2.0 unless I change settings to LPCM.

  2. Thx like vid it helped..
    I use teatv to stream to vlc after 20min in stops by it self how can i resolve this problem?
    I copy the url link from teatv and past it in at vlc to stream it works just fine but only in 20min incrimints

  3. Where is that another video you talked about here, in which you were going to teach about streaming on an external network, not just the internal/local network.
    P.S. I searched the whole channel and haven't found the similar video to what I am looking for

  4. Can VLC media player work as simply as MicroSoft Media Player did before it was removed after last update? After update I'm experiencing slow lagging playback on movies or tv episodes. I tried suggested ways from YouTube vids, by turning off unused programs, delaying start up and delaying background programs, changed way video played with lower output. But then learned that I no longer had MS media player app on my desk top and not listed in add or remove window..tho I did see still the Media Player Library file..and it popped up warning window that file is corrupted. So now I'm downloading VCL media player, but not sure if it will stream movies, etc. as simple as I did when I bought the laptop with MS media package already to go to stream media. (oh don't know if this matters but I do still see the Skype App, etc. but turned it off since I never use it. I just don't have the Media Player which I hope is just one reason video playbacks are lagging and buffering terribly. Ever moreso than just with slow, sucky internet service where I live in the US) So if there is a way to watch TV or movies on the sites I use and not have to download all movies or shows to a file on the desktop…plz help me with steps to stream from my internet service I have.

  5. I've followed the steps and already there's a problem: it plays the file on my laptop where I'm trying to stream it from, instead of just a blank screen and a runtime like you have. I did NOT select Display Local before trying to stream.

    I don't understand why VLC doesn't simple have the ))) stream icon like it has on mobile.

  6. Here is what Im trying to do. We don't have internet at our congregation. So Im trying to live screen in house. I have going to take my HDMI output from the MacMini going to a Distribution Amp. I take a feed from the DA to a video encoder to put that on my router. I want to be able to give the attendee a static IP address they can take and use some sort of app on an iPhone or iPad to be able to see the slides there as well. What I am trying to figure out is what app we will use on our iPads, iPhones, and Androids to pickup this in house stream. Any ideas?


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