How To Unlock ALL Multiplayer DARK OPS CHALLENGES In Black Ops Cold War (All Dark Ops Guide)

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Relentless Killer
0:24 Brutal Killer
0:36 Nuclear Killer
0:43 Frenzy Killer
0:53 Mega Killer
1:01 Ultra Killer
1:09 Chain Killer
1:18 From The Depths
1:31 Hard Wipe
1:40 Back At You
1:47 Nuked Out
1:55 Very Nuclear
2:06 Underwater Ops
2:15 Dark Ops Master

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I’ve been making guides for Call of Duty zombies since 2017. With the release of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, I’ll continue making high-quality videos for Treyarch’s Zombies mode. Be sure to subscribe for no-nonsense guides about all things zombies related.

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How To Unlock ALL Multiplayer DARK OPS CHALLENGES In Black Ops Cold War (All Dark Ops Guide)

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  1. Today I injured 3 people in fire team and was doing so terrible against the last guy and missed out on that. Also is anyone struggling with throwing a grenade back I don't know why but it's so hard

  2. No they are not…i did 6 missions from yesterday on, and waiting for very nuclear, its 12 now..the 7 rapid kills is scaty because u gotta spawntrap for this…

  3. Damn us skilled player actually get fucked over. Reverse boosters aren't legit. I know alot of you with good stats do it, or you play with your buddies who aren't good, have a 1.5 kd playing solo against teams of 6 try hard, I wish people knew my struggle as a skilled solo player. I just want a good team tho

  4. How tf am I supposed to do these challenges when all my lobbies are filled with teams of 6 against just me with scrubs, like im that much better than other players that it has to mis match me like this? I literally cannot do some of these challenges as a higher skilled player causw of sbmm. Idk how they thought sbmm in pubs was a good idea

  5. When you have 9 out of the 12 cars and you wanted to know what you needed to finish the last 3 and realize you need 21 nuclear medals with all different weapons. Welp uhm darn 😅😂


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