How To Unlock The NEW Moonshiner Role! Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuit Update

The New Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Update Is Here! Today in RDO we unlock the new moonshiner role, Buy the moonshiners shack and check out all …

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  1. ATTENTION EVERYONE WHO NEEDS HELP WITH THE MOONSHINE ROLE MAP OPTIONS: the reason because u don't have the option to buy a shack nor have the option of "camp and properties" on your left D-PAD options book is because YOU HAVE TO REACH LEVEL 5 ON YOUR TRADER ROLE OR COMPLETE TRADER SELL MISSION. get that done first..

  2. I need some help please I have already read Crips his letter I did not have the gold I do now I can still read the letter but it does not mark anything on the map I have already went through the cut scene I just dident have the gold an now I’m lost on how get it now

  3. So here's my issue I've been having… I visited here before I got rank 5 in trader, now my letter after I've reached rank 5 says to go here the same as yours but, it says to hold up the letter 7 as in the emote. There is no golden prompt on my mini map for her and no one is inside the old abandon saloon. If I go to progress and look at moonshiner role it says to use camp and properties in the player menu to purchase moonshiner role but there is no camp and properties anywhere I've clicked on player but it merely just shows your stats and horses stats, has anyone else experienced this bug and does anyone know how to either fix or where to go??

  4. I only ever play story mode in red dead2 anymore because online is just so boring and there’s nothing to keep you engaged for long time periods and not to mention the extremely low pay you get in terms of money and how absurdly expensive everything is. They expect you to play the game for days to get money but what am I gonna use it on besides guns and outfits? Nothing that could keep me playing, nice try rock star


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