How To Use LinkTree for Instagram

Here’s a quick video on how to add LinkTree to your Instagram profile, what it looks like, how to edit the branding of it, and the pricing for the pro account. It is a FREE website to use on the basic plan.
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Comment (25)

  1. Thanks, it was good content, but I recently created it with AiSchedul myurls – I think try it once – (Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel) – the lead magnet and other tools that make it easy for you.

  2. I'm just starting so for now I just want to add "My Story" but I have no URL. Just want a button where people can click on and see my story or introduction. How do I do that without a URL?

  3. Mine keeps crashing for some reason. I did everything correctly, I leave the link in my IG profile but then a few days later when I try to click on it, it will say "this browser is unavailable" any idea why?.. Now I have to consistently keep checking the link to make sure it's not broken. If it is I have to copy and re-paste the link for it to work.. it's frustrating because people are clicking on a broken link and it's bad for business. I'm upset..


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