How & Where To Buy SHIBA INU Token – With MetaMask Wallet Only | Quick & Easy #shiba #SHIB

#SHIB #shiba_inu_token #How_to_Buy_Shiba_Token #Buy_Shiba_with_metamask_wallet

Shiba Inu, also known as Shiba Token, is a decentralized cryptocurrency created in August 2021

How I Bought 7 Million Shiba Inu Token :

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How & Where To Buy SHIBA INU Token – With MetaMask Wallet Only | Quick & Easy #shiba #SHIB

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  1. Binance recently added Shiba Inu Token on their platform and you can buy with BUSD if not with USDT which will cost you very less fees, but will also depends where you live, Thanks

  2. I got all my Shiba through Kucoin. Very easy process. Just use BTC as the currency and place an order. Is there any way I can send my SHIB to the Metamask? I haven't seen that anywhere yet.

  3. I think Shibs Inu with the limited coins, even if there are so many, there is an increase in value that does not exist at Dogecoin. In addition, the crypto market is not even used by one 1% of the world's population. This coin is made for the future and for a new generation

  4. $40 was + $240 fee
    what's the selling fees like? you get taxed a lot, basically?
    and i can buy shib on binance… no fees at all just transfer from busd. but i've heard there's history and risk of big centralized platforms like binance halting? is that a concern to you? id prefer binance… no 240 fees…


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