Hyper Combo Leicester – Mortal Kombat 11 Grand Finals – Ketchup (Noob) vs Mustard (Kano)

Yesterday, we had our first ever Mortal Kombat 11 night of Hyper Combo Leicester! Hyper Combo is the Fighting Game local that Mustard and I run every two …

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  1. More of our usual program tomorrow onwards but this was a good chance to show you all the fighting game local Mustard and I run every two weeks in the UK!

    Support your locals folks. They are something truly magical. <3

  2. Quick question , when I do the teleport after the back 1,1+3 it doesn't count as combo but instead the game counts the teleport as 2 separate hits(or 5 after amp.) Am I doing it too slow or is it not possible to combo that way after the recent update ?

  3. Don't think I'll be buying this game for personal reasons (NR dropped the ball with me with the making of this game)..but man do I enjoy watching a good Kano as he is my favorite character…hope to see more of him in the future..I am seeing a ton of Geras, Centrions, and LK's as of now…

  4. Kano is strong but he really only has one OK combo with the tourney variation.. Cybernetic kano was my main in mkx. I main kano now again in mk11 and i find it pretty boring to be honest.. Idk maybe im weird lol but its just my opinion


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