I Found a Secret Call of Dutye in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Plus 9 Other Cool Details

I found a bunch of hidden details in Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Beta, including a secret QR code easter egg. What do you think? Which are your favorites? Tell me in the comments.

Know any other examples of great attention to detail in Call of Duty Modern Warfare? Tell me in the comments, too!

Battlefield details:

More Call of Duty details!:

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Comment (35)

  1. My fave so far has been the 5 digit secret Easter egg hunt in trench. If you know both the order and the locations of the 5 numbers hidden throughout the map, you can shoot them into the coded door entrance to the bunker revealing a stuffed animal extravaganza around a conference table and scaled attack plan map. It’s quite excellent. ps. If you find the secret code inside the bunker, you can enter it again into the bunker door and voila, the metal trap doors in the back of the bunker then open and a stuffed juggerbear will unleash a barrage of dual mini gun rounds on anyone inside the bunker. Clue…the red phone ☎️

  2. There's no game that got many easter eggs and realism than MW my god…

    Really amazing how even those little things even work. I didn't even got luck to get a scan on one of those QR codes, probably because they're very blurry at least for my screen and video settings… 😛

  3. If you go to the office on Atlas Superstore the is a composition book on the coffee table and on the front is says "Do your homework" probably a tip for everyone that stays up playing and not doing said "homework"

  4. Cool idea for a game that has a free and paid version such as this game with warzone on one weapon or some hidden area there’s a code and it unlocks the main game but only for the first person who finds it


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