I think I found Pavel's voice actor – Pavel and Marko Dragic voices compared (read description)

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More info on Aaron Phillips https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Aaron_Phillips

Pavel audio from https://youtu.be/hQVIm_M94jI and https://youtu.be/tz-xQypgeYQ

Marko audio from https://youtu.be/YWXEMyNBmbg

Mors Mutual Insurance video on Pavel voice actor https://youtu.be/CRn8eg3SkEY

Castro video https://youtu.be/ZzXFdFaVMZk

Jonathan’s ig https://instagram.com/jonathankite?igshid=okmc3pvn4dge and his post with the comment https://www.instagram.com/p/CK611ObpY9l/?igshid=ca0fwf1jq6s8

Pavel is the submarine guy in the new grand theft Auto gta 5 v online cayo perico heist update. His voice actor, along with everyone else’s va is uncredited / unknown. Mors mutual insurance uploaded a video called « meet the voice behind pavel » in which he says he thinks Jonathan Kite, actor of Oleg Golishevsky on 2 Broke girls is the va for Pavel since the two of them look and sound similar, but Jonathan confirmed on Instagram that he is not pavel’s va. I was scrolling through the comment and came across a comment where a person says they think that the voice actor for Marko Dragic from Red dead redemption 2 / rdr2 is the va for pavel. Marko is voiced by American actor Aaron Phillips, who voiced Castro in gta 5. I compared Marko to Pavel, and i think their voices are very similar, so it’s possible I have found the va for pavel. I looked on Aaron’s twitter and official website and he hasn’t said anything about pavel, so this is not confirmed and can still be up for debate

I think I found Pavel's voice actor – Pavel and Marko Dragic voices compared (read description)

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  1. When Mors mutual insurance googled pavel's voice actor I was saying that steven ogg aka trevor voiced him. When i googled his va it showed David Mogentale aka ron. And I saw some people in the comments saying that pavel sounds like lester and packie


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