I Was Accused Of Hacking – Battlefield 2042

The best compliment I could’ve received.
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Battlefield 2042 recorded on PC in 1080p60fps

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I Was Accused Of Hacking – Battlefield 2042

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Comment (49)

  1. Whenever R6 becomes too stale after having played for 4 hours trying to reach Diamond I always end up Bf4鈥 sadly I鈥檝e been banned on quite a few Community servers for 鈥渟us stats鈥 which is just from bad admins who can鈥檛 play the game despite having 4K hours

  2. welcome to BF4
    Ravic has whole Battlefield series dedicated for for this tuff "chat reactions" 馃榾
    he and hes friend Mus1c has a own game mode where they try to get called a hacker/cheater and who ever gets called that first wins xD
    also that first clip is the reason why i hate 3D spotting, its so busted xD

  3. Lockers with 64 people is dogshit no matter the mode. It's much better with 40 or 32 total players, but don't get me wrong you'll still have doorway battles and choke points but it's easier to deal with when there's less people


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