i3 9100F vs i9 9900k in 4K (RTX 3080 Ti)

Core i3 9100F vs Core i9 9900k Test in 9 Games 4K (RTX 3080 Ti) Motospeed Gaming Mechanical Keyboard …

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  1. some processors are intended for multi-tasking. Eg: FCPX rendering while editing. Or other tasks that are not Games. 420 $ can be the difference between a basic video card for an advanced one.

  2. All 'future proof' argument is stupid. Buy 9100f for 89$, save 411$ for not buying 9900K..in next year or two buy another new CPU for 100$ and sell 9100F for 50$. 89$+100$-50$=139$ and you are still 'future proof' 😎


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