INSANE 215 KILLSTREAK #1 Attack Heli Gunner World (299,000 Kills) Battlefield 2042

Above average game I got with one of my pilots.

INSANE 215 KILLSTREAK #1 Attack Heli Gunner World (299,000 Kills) Battlefield 2042

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  1. Awesome gameplay. Although you are the kind of player that pisses me off though. Especially when it feels like I'm the only one trying to shoot you down and the rest of my team is drawing pictures on walls with repair tools lol

  2. Man fk all this helicopter work, show me his ground game. His flying is good don’t get me wrong but he’s literally in a perpetual kill streak. Vehicles were OP even against a decent team if the pilot was a monster especially with all the perks. It’s for this reason that I think the vehicles should be 1 or no respawns over the course of the match. Or at least put a fuel gauge on it and the player has to RTB to refuel over a period of time. BF gets dull when ppl are just constantly in vehicles. I love them but it has to be a cap somewhere.

  3. It’s great but the only thing that’s annoying me is the constant switching from thermal to normal vision. Before anyone says, I mean it as the spamming where it’s not needed. Like when he was looking at the building of areas where no troops would ever be because they literally can’t be there and he’ll spam them switch. I feel like he’s trying to be cool or something doing it and it’s just annoying.


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