Install Wolf Launcher And Change Your Amazon Fire Stick! Shows All Apps Plus Device Runs Faster!

In this video I’ll show you Wolf Launcher which replaces your Amazon Fire Stick stock launcher. Also, if you have apps not showing up in your ‘My Apps And Games’ section, this will remedy that. This launcher will also speed up your device as it doesn’t have to load all the Amazon bloatware. Also, Wolf Launcher will persist even if the home button is pressed, the device goes to sleep and wakes up again, or if it’s reset, this is due to the app, Launcher Manager TDUK. No more ADB shell commands! All kudos to TechDoctorUK for bringing this app to life! See his Youtube channel link and also website link below.

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Install Wolf Launcher And Change Your Amazon Fire Stick! Shows All Apps Plus Device Runs Faster!

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Comment (27)

  1. Great video – thank you.

    Question – Are there any other "downsides" to using the Wolf Launcher as opposed to the stock save for not being able to use Alexa? Is it also possible to add an animated wallpaper as the background such as a fireplace?

  2. Thank you for posting this. Very easy directions to follow. It's a great way to avoid having to look at all the Fire Stick ads on the home page.

  3. There's a BUG BUG BUG in here. (Or I managed to screw it up). This is a brilliant video, and I've followed most of it. But, in particular, at around 8.25 he downloads the Amazon Fire Tools. I followed all this, and more. Then came to try the tools. I had finished with the 5 different icons (without customising their appearance, but all ducks in a row under Wolf) but, on clicking – 'Applications', 'Bluetooth and Remotes' etc – each of them led me to the same app – 'My Fire TV'. I don't know where else to report this.

  4. Found this very helpful. I received the new interface a couple of days ago and quickly disliked it so decided to install the new wolf launcher which was going well but couldn’t figure out how to make the settings apps visible. After watching this all I needed was the fire tools app which I downloaded from your file link page. Now everything is as it should be. Thank you.

  5. I spent the last 3 months waiting to get the new Firestick update to make my apps easier to navigate to. After all that time, the update came and didn’t make it any better. Then I came across the TechDoctorUK which Youtube then suggested you. I followed the instructions, customized my background and apps, and now I have the perfect (and I mean that) and simplest setup. High fives all around!


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