Intel i9-10900K Catalina Hackintosh Build Complete Tutorial | 2020

This is the high end system build you have waited for! This system is only $1350 and is a MONSTER. Gigabyte z390 Designare motherboard with Thunderbolt!

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  1. Hi Technolli! Thanks again for your videos!!! I have problems while activating imessage. It says: "You cannot currently log into iMessage with this Mac.
    To use iMessage with this Mac, contact Apple Technical Support and provide the code below." I think I tried it so many times that my account has been banned or something like that… Any advice? Thank you!

  2. I built a similar computer two month ago.

    Some differences, however. A Radeon VII for the GPU, 500Go for the NVME M.2, Power supply 850W, a WaterCooler and 64Go ram 3600Mhz (and not the same ATX case)
    Very good performances.

  3. I had an idea, I hope you could test it…
    If you install VMWARE / Parallels, and connect an thunderbolt eGPU with an unsupported nvidia GPU, is it possible for it to connect directly with the vm running Windows?
    (like when you plug an flashdrive and it let you select if you want to use it on the vm or on the Mac itself)

  4. Hello, thanks for all your video. I have start a new hackintosh on brand new machin with the same motherboard/i9700k and msi 5700 Xt. I try your méthode but it don’t arrive to the install screen. Do you have any idea? I saw on internet that sometime you can’t install with the gpu plugin and have to use the igpu? If you have any solution will be really appreciate.

  5. Hello sir, thanks for the guiding video. I have some question:
    1) You have to have a real Macbook to download the software and OS?
    2) Can I put another brand of SSD (Samsung 970 1T) and Ram without changing anything in the file and configuration?

    Thank you so much, sir.

  6. Very good video!!! I have Aorus Master i9900k and RX 5700xt my problem is that never appears the apple logo to start the installation bat I see black screen. The same issue I have with the clover installation and with open core. Please help me….tell me what to do. Thanks !!!! * I have already windows 10 in ssd and I want to have dual boot and Mac will be on another ssd that I have…

  7. Thanks for this! I got the part list (with slightly more ram) but am not having any luck building my own efi folder… My machine keeps freezing during installation. Clover update maybe? 🙁
    Could you upload the opencore efi also so I can test please? Thank you!!

  8. Great video & have been hackintoshing for awhile now so just starting to try & understand it properly. Why did you use Clover for this build rather than Open Core, I thought Clover was supposed to be a bit of a dead end road going forward with Catalina and that Open Core is the future? Also a bit more detail/insight into somethings would be really appreciated, I.e what you had to change in the efi folder for thunderbolt rather than just telling us to download it. I want to understand😀🤪 Anyways great videos & you have another new subscriber, all the way from the UK.

  9. Best Hackintosh tutorial I have seen!

    I already have Radeon RX 5700 because I tried it with Razor Core X on Mac mini but system crashed many times. So I return Mac mini and eGPU. After I found this tutorial, I decided to order another PC parts and make my first Hackintosh.

    Here is my list
    Intel i5-9600K with Thermaltake UX200
    Gigabyte Z390 Designare
    msi AMD Radeon RX 5700
    ADATA DDR4 2666 16GB x 2
    256GB HikVision E2000 NVME
    Corsair RM750x PSU
    NZXT H510 ATX Case

    I have followed exactly on your tutorial, tried to use your both EFI files but it doesn't work. Finally, after research a bit. I just need to uncheck WhateverGreen on 18:58 because of RX5700 don't need it, and then it's work!

    Audio, Ethernet, USB 3, Thunderbolt 3 on mainboard, USB-C on NZXT even iCloud and App Store works just fine! Now I will try to work with WiFi and Bluetooth. or maybe I need to buy that Fenvi card one.

    Anyway, I'm so happy now. Keep working!
    Already liked & subscribed. Thank you very much 🙂

  10. Just watched this video… thank you so much! I am planning to buy all parts for this build and follow this exact process in the coming months! I do have a few questions though:

    1) can you fit a secondary SSD on this build and dual boot windows as well? if so, do I just do that through boot camp?
    2) what WiFi card would I need to get WiFi working? – EDIT: saw your response in comments already
    3) does everything work on this build? – sleep and wake, etc
    4) where on your site can I buy the complete parts set? I only see a few items
    5) what is the process of upgrading the IOS, and how would you backup your Mac Incase of any issues with upgrade?
    6) if I’m reading this correct, it looks like this compares most to iMac Pro late 2017 8 core at $1,350 vs $5,300 – is that right?

    Thank you very much for this detailed setup!!

  11. Terrific! But, Wait, do Airdrop, Handoff, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. work? I read the Designare's Intel 9560 WiFi/Bluetooth module isn't natively supported and I didn't see an add-on adaptor in your parts list… Have you found a work-around?


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