Intel i9 10900K vs I7 9700K Vs i7 8700k Vs Ryzen 7 2700X Featuring Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti

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  1. Intel can not beat amd in production workds……But amd is becoming very strong in gaming also with ryzen……….If intel provides hyper threding in 9th gen processors…….No one literaly buy amd.

  2. 7 9700K или i9 9900K.для RTX 2080 Ti.кто раскроет весь потенциал видюхи.незнаю что взять.i9 9900K дороговато.i7 9700K подешевле но и послабее.хотелось как бы и чтоб на будущее

  3. Intel is nice but doesn’t include the radiator and motherboard to be able to unlock 5ghz, really not worth. I wanted the 8700k but at £400, £50 more than it cost when it came out. Plus a good cooler for OC is normally over £100 and motherboard for a decent Overclock £200 is it really worth for extra 20/30 FPS in 1080/1440p? Hell nah. That’s an extra £150 for those 30 FPS at best, not worth it but the 8700k at £300 looks decent, more than that sayonara.

  4. Should I go for 9700k or 8700k for oc gaming? goal is 5.0. Doesnt really prefer delid. please dont reply if ur a fanboy of any side. Just let me face the truth. Looking ahead for 2070 and some video works and gaming

  5. No doubt 2700x is the best bang for the buck , at least here in Brazil (9900k costs twice the price of a 2700x). As it goes for me, I want to squeeze the maximum from the GPU to achieve 144hz, maybe I will pick the 9700k as my intent is gaming only.


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