Intel i9 10900K vs i9 7980XE Benchmarks | Test Review | Comparison | Gaming | 10 Tests

Benchmarks |Intel i9-10900K vs i9 7980XE BENCHMARK Included tests: Hitman, Total War, Tomb Raider, Far Cry | 7-ZIP | Truecrypt | X264 | Playerunknown’s …

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  1. I use i9-7980xe for gaming w/ (16x x 16x ) (2) 2080ti FE run games on (pg27uq) 4k 144hz monitor and push 4k ultra at 150-200fps , games are far more reliant on Gpu then Cpu, Also these are stock speeds in this video my 7980xe is liq cooled on 2 480x60mm rads good for a Stable 4.5ghz OC w/ QD channel 64gb 3600mhz dd4, 1.6kw psu ) So to Summarize it really depends on your setup i have enormous rendering power for video editing and beast for gaming

  2. What about the specs like Frequenz of the i9 7980xe?Its not mentioned. OC is difficult but possible and brings much performance for the i9 7980xe. On the other side the i9 9900k cannot be OC that much because of the high heat it produces. Only single core can be improved a bit as far as I know. The I9 7980 XErunning with 4,7Ghz (water cooled of course but nobody uses this Proci without a water cooled option) would smash the i9 9900k. That is just my opinion. So I am not impressed either.


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