Intel I9 9900K vs I7 9700K vs I5 9600K | Tested 13 Games |

Product Links : Intel I5 9600K US Link : UK Link : Canada Link : Intel I9 9900K US Link : UK Link : Canada Link …

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  1. What is the point of this benchmark? Testing GPU, but title says testing CPU.

    You do not test CPUs on high settings, period. People, please just dislike this vid and move along.

  2. The thing is that if your 9600k(f) is bottlenecking your graphics card, your resolution is simply too low. It's just on budget for cards up to the 2070 super and above that only people looking for 1440p+ should buy cards, at which point the 9600k isn't botlenecking anymore.

  3. 9700k The absolute best one, 9900k not worth it, 9700k reasonable price in most countries, seen it go in ranges between 350$-450$, Sick cpu when paired with a new card.

    running mine at 4.9ghz with a RTX2070 super and oh my its such a beast.

    9600k also such a beast for the price.

  4. i5 or i7, i am only playing, not streaming and that other shit but the i7 is better for the future right? Cuz it has more cores and isnt using that much % like i5. Buy i5 now and buy something better then in future or just buy i7?

  5. Just building my rtx2080s and i9 9900k pc. I choose the 9900k because if it’s amazing performance in everything else, other than gaming. It is almost always 2x better that the 9700k at everything from streaming to video editing. Just not always gaming, but even then, it’s still one of the best for gaming.


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