INTEL I9 9900K vs I7 9700K vs I7 7700K vs I7 6700K | Tested 13 Games |

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  1. 3 years ago or even earlier, lots of people were saying that in terms of playing games, quad core CPUs is gonna be overwhelmed when hexa core or octa core CPUs comes out


  2. There seems to be an obsession with some people now for CPU upgrades and I just can't understand it. Unless you play in 1080p your CPU will be able to max settings on games for at least 5 years as long as you keep upgrading the GPU

  3. Man, with framerates like those I'd have to say ANYONE with a i7-6700K would blow the transistors right out of their monitor lol. Another year or two before upgrading. If you can use a i7-7700K in same Motherboard you have it made. Good video, thank you. Happy New year. 😊👍

  4. Love videos like this, such a geek. Flip side, my daughters old 2500k system is about to bite it. Was looking for an excuse to upgrade my 6700k system for the 9900k/3900x. Way to shoot down my dreams with a rocket launcher. 🙁 Here is to hoping her system holds out until 10th gen Intel or Zen 3.

  5. PLEASE HELP…HI..I have a 6700K…..I'll be using it to study vfx, motion graphics and rendering projects these are the programs ill use – UNREAL ENG, NUKE, AFTER EFFECTS, MAYA AND CINEMA 4D….Do I upgrade to the 9700k with 8 cores or will the 6700K sufice??? I will NOT be using it for gaming……..PLEASE HELP

  6. Why the he'll does my 6700k only manage 40-60fps in BF5 with stuttering, RTX off DX12 1440p ultra? I have a 2080ti which runs at only 60% usage in game and my cpu is constantly at 90-100%. What is going on!?

  7. I really wish you did Batman Arkam Knight. 99.9% sure my 6700k is bottle knecked my 2080ti in that game. I can hit 4k60fps in most games and that game had LOTS of dips 45fps with my CPU hitting 100% while the GPU was chilling at 30%.

  8. no need to get a new cpu if you have one of the high end i7 xxxk. They still can burn away every game on highest settings. It will need at last one more generation of cpus and game which use more cores, to have any difference you can experience. Differences between 130 and 150 fps are just numbers for the books, no one is able to see here the difference.If you build yourself 2 years ago one Skylake system or the Kaby Lake ones, you still are high end.


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