Intel i9 9980XE vs i9 10900K Benchmarks | Test Review | Comparison | Gaming | 13 Tests

Benchmarks |Intel i9-9980XE vs i9 10900K BENCHMARK Included tests: Hitman, Total War, Tomb Raider, Far Cry | 7-ZIP | Truecrypt | X264 | Playerunknown’s …

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  1. I would honestly just go for the R9 3950X at this point, seeing as the only selling point for the XE is better workstation performance, and the 3950x is good for workstations and outclasses the 9980XE in gaming benchmarks.

  2. the difference in gaming is only because of the higher single thread or boost clock speed of the i9 9900K
    which it boots to 5 ghz
    but if you OC the i9-9980XE in all cores to anything above 4.5 or if you can reach 5 ghz with water cooling
    then the i9-9980XE will destroy the i9 9900K
    a few important facts
    i9-9980XE uses quad memory while the i9 9900K uses dual
    i9-9980XE can do 16+16 or even 16+16+8
    while the i9 9900K can only do a single 16x card or both at 8x which is a waste

    so if you go dual 2080 ti with nvlink then the i9-9980XE will beat the i9 9900K
    16+16 vs 8+8
    simply because it has more CPU lanes available for GPU's
    while most of the time is not much difference between 16x or 8x on single cards
    there is a big difference when doing dual cards
    specially at higher resolutions

    also faster ram speed can also improved frame rate
    at the end of the day even if some people prefer the i9 9900K
    i can do gaming, encoding, downloading, many things at once while the i9 9900K
    will choke if you are gaming and try to do more task at once

    the have a huge price difference for a reason

  3. Gonna be alot of unhappy people when ya find out about the hyper threading issues with intel cpus. Those guys are the most dishonest crooks in the business. If it was up to them 4 cores will still be main steam and we will be on 14nm++++++++++++++++++++++++++ until 2020.

  4. Putting together a ridiculous build. Was tempted to go with the ~£1,700 i9 9960X… then thought i9 9900X… then thought "Am I insane?" Do I do video editing or 3D rendering?". So, went from ~£1,700 (spoiled brat money) to ~£1,000 (You're being stupid) to ~£450. That decision cost a lot in power. I went from the 3rd fastest CPU… to the 5th. I lost <10% in gaming speed and saved over a thousand pounds… not to mention the cost savings on an older mobo.


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