Intel vs AMD — [ 3900X vs 9900K ]

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  1. AMD all the way Man… Affordable even in the tighter budget.. Gives More Performance for its price and Also runs cooler and effecient power consumption.. Hail Zen Architecture!!

  2. Aside from some games, the AMD chip has, about 20 to 30% more CPU process capacity. If anything games that are better design for multi core CPU will run faster in amd in the future. I am rocking with the 12 cores x3900 right now, if it was intel, I would have paid triple for the CPU.

  3. AMD is back Baby!! Intel has gotten sloppy, they were used to being better, now the competition has surpassed them. In the end this will be good for us, it will force intel to sell cheaper, and produce a better product. I love capitalism 😁

  4. I just bought a 9900k. For two reasons. I am going to upgrade, I am purely a gamer, although I run some data science applications from time to time. There is a great reason to switch over but just not right at this moment. Plus, the 3950x is sold out everywhere!

  5. Well this makes my computer feel ancient. I have a 4th gen intel i5 cpu but at least I have a evga gtx 1060 graphics card. I can play most triple a games but the cpu is definitely showing its age when it comes to loading times. Should I upgrade my cpu, motherboard and ram or just go with a ssd drive? Most techs I've talked to in store say the ssd will make more of a difference in loading/booting times then spending a lot of money on a cpu, motherboard and ram.

  6. for gaming is intel better with the i9 9900k, but much better price have the 3900x, and for streaming and rendering is the 3900x yours he have more cores, but only gaming you have with the intel much more fps

  7. So the best choice, hands down would be the 9700k. It's on par with the 9900k and it stays COOL.
    You want a cheap choice that has cores, you go with 2700x. That's as simple as I can make it and know from personal experience.

  8. Thank you for showing this.. makes my comming build be aimed for AMD, yet not that big expensive R9 3900X..
    Ill pick the Ryzen 7, 3700X
    But Iam confused about the motherboard I need to pick for this CPU.
    I have made it clear that a X570 is a must for me.
    I will have an Asus mainboard.. but this is where Iam a bit confused about all the options..
    They have Prime, Tuf, Rog and so on and with lots of diffrent options.

    Could you tell me what card to pick if.
    – Iam not going to overclock, it will be plug an play.
    – Iam not going to add several videocards or several HDs.
    – Iam not adding tons and tons of usb stuff.

    Must have.
    – it needs to be able to use the topline videocard of tomorrow. ( 1 or max 2 slots )
    – it needs to be able to handle the fastest HDs ( 1 slot is enuff )
    – it must be able to handle all now and later AMD CPU´s ( I dont want a mainboard that only does ryzen 7 if I later want to upgrade to 9. )

    So.. again.. dont need tons of features, I just need a mother board that can handle the best add ´ons.
    Iam NOT in need of fancy light display, it MUST be strong and realiable and last many many years !
    ( again, must be from Asus X570 lineup )

    what is my best option ?

  9. not overclocking makes intel look bad. BUT AMD cant overclock anymore but intel can do 5ghz all core.
    if you oc and play games, go intel. its 10-20% performance.

  10. Thing is this is like a slightly faster 8 cores vs a ever so slightly slower 12 cores. This year in 2019 if you buy you wont tell too much of a difference, and wont in the next 3 to 4 years either, but if your plan is to buy and sit on the cpu for 5-10 years, really the 3900x should be a no brainer, in 4 to 5 years i can likely bet that the 3900x will be ahead due to simply having more processing headroom in its makeup. if the 3900x and 9900k are compared 2024-2029 i could see in new titles the 3900x winning.

    Which one you buy doesn't matter too much for now, always plan for the future,

  11. Can we see a follow up on the performance over the period of time?
    I would like to know which one is reliable. Possibly, which one performs well after a Week, then after a month and then after 3 months. That would be really interesting & assuring of the product's reliability….


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