Introduction to Azure DevOps

In a single statement, Azure DevOps is everything you need to build your software product from beginning to end. Learn how Azure DevOps helps you plan your project with Agile tools, manages your code using Git, and deploys your code through the best CI/CD system on the planet. Get full traceability and visibility across all your development activities. In this video we will show you how to get started with Azure DevOps up and running with your project in under 6 minutes.

Speaker: Donovan Brown

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Introduction to Azure DevOps

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  1. Truly incredible video. I can't believe I wasted 8 hours of my life watching a non-native English speaker describe how to use Azure DevOps. I learned more in this video in 5 minutes than I did in 8 hours. Leave it to Microsoft to have the best resources and methods available at explaining their own services. Really cannot thank you enough for the work and practice that must go into these videos Microsoft!

  2. I’m looking for the backend architecture for Azure DevOps data mining.  I need to be able to build custom reports to show test results, test development, project development, velocity burnup and burndown, points assigned & completed per employee per release & sprint, etc. etc.  Previously I was pulling everything from the On-Prem TFS_Warehouse.


    If you can point me toward any resource that can provide more details on how to access the necessary data I would appreciate it.

  3. that would add another more tool from another vendor to the nightmare of tools from different vendors used by those not already on TFS/VSTS full lifecycle architecture 🙂


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