Investigating Marko Dragic's Fate – Red Dead Redemption 2


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Investigating Marko Dragic's Fate – Red Dead Redemption 2

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Comment (33)

  1. Man
    Rockstar just refuses to hire or at least have a 3 minute coversation with an actual serb to at least make sure the charachters are pronouncing their own names right.

    First we had Niko Belik
    And now we have this Marko Dradjik guy.


    Why do they even bother, just make him German or something, it's pretty hard to mess that up. 😄

  2. I would've like to keep that lighting detector he gives you .Yeah it would be useless ,but maybe you could i dont know show it to some of the gang members or check for thunderstorms

  3. I know I’m super late, but this seems like a slight nod to agent 47. If you guys have played the hit man series, you might remember that a whole army of hit men were created, but agent 47 kills the scientists that made him before he escapes the lab. I don’t know just a thought🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. Or it also had a conscience and when papa told him he wanted to dominate all life, he couldn't understand why papa would make life to take it away. Papa? Why? Edit: it was the scientist that possessed artificial "intelligence"

  5. Fun Fact:(Actually its obvious but here)
    Marko Dragic is a refrence to the person that invented electricity( i mean not invented but made a way to use it as fuel for lights and that stuff)
    And his name is Nikola Tesla
    And Nikola Tesla and
    Marko Dragic are Serbs so definetly they are the same im saying that beacuse not that many people dont know about Serbs(Serbians) And Mix then up with other people/Coutnries
    And if there are any Comments
    Please do not fight nor make any drama
    I maybe made typos but English is not my native language so sorry!


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