Is Dota Dying? Wolcen aRPG Release delayed; Diablo 3 PTR Coming Soon

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Monster Hunter World Iceborn expansion release on PC and Steam with terrible performance issues; Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves action figures; Dota 2 & Dota Underlords player counts dropping; Google Stadia Destiny 2 player counts dropping; The Witcher Season 1 alternate ending revealed; Path of Exile patch; Wolcen release date delayed; Diablo 4 updates coming; Diablo 3 PTR coming.

Time stamps:
Monster Hunter World Iceborn: 02:20
Cyberpunk 2077: 03:01
Dota 2 & Dota Underlords: 03:48
Google Stadia & Destiny 2: 07:10
The Witcher: 08:42
Path of Exile: 10:27
Wolcen: 10:53
Diablo: 11:09

Cyberpunk 2077 action figures:
Dota 2 player counts:
Dota Underlords player counts:
Google Stadia & Destiny 2:
The Witcher Season 1 alternate ending:
Path of Exile patch notes:
Diablo 4 updates:
Diablo 3 PTR:
Diablo 3 3.6.8:
Diablo 3 balance update:


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Comment (31)

  1. Just wanted to thank you for drawing my attention to Wolcen, I've had fun with the early access and am excited for launch. It feels like they did some work on the caster specs that you were concerned about in your video 7 or so months ago. Seems a lot smoother, the chain lightning type skill is really fun in the spec.

  2. Valve needs to stop trying so hard with dota 2. Game companies should take a leaf out of cdproject reds book and actually listen to fans. This drop wasnt a problem for me but if they keep changing things like player roles and how they work for example. They will lose all the players…..

  3. I'm going to disagree with you that LoL is not a casual game. LoL is definitely a game for casuals, it's exactly the reason why I started playing Dota 2 which is now more geared towards casuals and why I stopped playing Dota 2 since the last patch now. I generally played in the arcade but I still loved the core game. Now I only launched to play in the arcade just like I did before I left LoL.

    If you aren't at least near diamond skill level in LoL you're already a casual player and you hardly understand anything about the game. In my eyes, because you did not put forth the time and effort like many to actually understand the game, game flow, and objectives on the map, you are not a hardcore player. I don't care if you put 1000 games into ranked in a month, you're still casual in my eyes because you obviously aren't playing to learn anything.

    Now take this into account that I stopped playing LoL half a decade ago and the player base had steadily been getting worse since then. When I also looked at the win rate charts recently and came back to play the game for 2 days, I was even more disgusted than I was in the past with the game. Riot has still learned absolutely nothing about balancing at all.

    There is a reason why a lot of the pro players quit LoL back in the day and why the skill level of the game dropped drastically. I wasn't a pro but I am one of the good players who got fed up with Riot. That's why LoL is for casuals. Almost no real hardcore player who cares about the state of the game wanted anything to do with them because they couldn't balance the game for shit and they refused to listen to the better players and they decided to cater to the casuals instead. I can tell you personally after playing many F2P games, making a move like this will almost always destroy your playerbase. The good players are seriously the ones spending all those hours playing your game, promoting your game, etc. Once they leave, others likely follow them because they had good reasons to leave in the first place.

    Also the snowballing is retarded in LoL to the point where if someone does start snowballing the game is over. That's not a fun game to play which is also why they changed many things to benefit casuals which I did not agree with. What they should have done instead was make mechanics that would allow them some way to remain relevant in the game which generally has to deal with hero balance in the first place, something that Riot games clearly does not understand how to do. Just look at dota, even though people can snowball, because the hero balance is generally decent, you still have options especially if you work as a team. There was nothing you could do against a 4-0-0 akali 10 mins into the game, for example. This was another reason why gold loss on death was an important balancing factor in dota. You needed to save up to buy your expensive items and if you died during that time there was a transfer of wealth. That's how you make a comeback system, not the garbage changes they continued to make in LoL geared completely towards casuals.

    Anyways my rant is now over. Even the chat based system was changed to be geared towards casuals and snowflakes. I have no desire to play LoL because of those reasons so I'm just going to have to say I massively disagree with you about LoL not being for casuals. I played for multiple seasons and started back at the beginning of season 2. Dropped roughly 1k on the game over the years since it was all I was playing. But the game got so bad that I left all that behind and started playing other games. My biggest reason for leaving was that the game was already geared towards casuals and the hardcore players were being completely ignored as the game was being made more and more casual. I highly doubt the pro players of LoL today would be able to match up against the pro players of the past either.

    Edit: Proof that LoL is for casuals, in MMR 4k dota 2 players are considered to be bad. High dota MMR is 6k+, 5k means you are decent and getting there. Those same 3-4k dota 2 players went to play LoL and became high diamonds. That's how much easier LoL is than Dota. Pro dota 2 players have played LoL and did well because they only needed to click buttons and take a few objectives. Pro League players tried to play Dota 2 and just failed miserably, no chance in hell because of how easy LoL was and how much it holds your hand which Dota 2 does not do. These videos are all over youtube if you look for them. This argument was factually proven a long time ago.

  4. I dont undestand why everybody is talking bad about Raid. If you dont like it, dont play it… For some its fun and thats fine with every game, even its candy crush, farmvill, Raid or Diablo…

  5. Gotta say worst edit yet, RAID sucks, should show an onscreen time to skip, and the witcher spoilers had no skip timestamp either, shouldn't have to leave the video to get the time from comments…thanks guys.

  6. I've been following a Youtuber by the name of Baradul for the past month and he has been playing MechWarrior 5. I wonder if the devs of that game are planning on adding content and making improvements to existing content. Can anyone shed some light on this matter for me ? Thanks 🙂

  7. Just watching LOL Cinematic videos makes players want to try the game, also LOL have various games matches so you wont get to tired or bored doing the same thing over and over…however, dota 2 is much harder to master than lol and so, does not appeal much to new players….then add the bugs and imbalances every time a new hero comes out….but i still dota 2 hehe….

  8. Dota 2 should do something to make new players feel more welcome in its competitive scene. Top 30 dota teams should not be allowed to play in some minor leagues or make sure there is always one new dota team qualifying for each major event and three teams for each minor tournament. And new teams must not be made up of recycled pro players who had been on the dota 2 pro scene for the last two decades

  9. Of course Diablo 4 is in early development, they have rushed this since 2018 after their stupid mistake with diablo immortal. And yet, dont wait D4 is going to be good, it's going to be full of microtransaction and bugs.


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