Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Worth Playing In 2021?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Been Going Strong For Almost 7 Years Now! But Is It Still Worth Playing In 2021, I Give A Full Review For Both The Campaign & Online And All They Have To Offer!

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Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Worth Playing In 2021?

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Comment (42)

  1. Is single player different in anyway these days? I haven't played it since the ps4 release and im hoping the game is better in some way because i am thinking about playing it again. The story is mode is awesome

  2. It's about time Rockstar gave this map to people who are creating simulation games because time and time again the simulation games lack the same thing no detail in maps no animations or life just plain and horrible
    Just for a second imagine a game come out and it was Gta v but the game was for example
    Firefighter simulator
    Garbage Truck simulator
    Ambulance simulator
    Hell just do all simulators in one and have a game like real life choose any job
    Also allow Steam workshop so the community can put in all the stuff that the people making the game have no rights to
    What are we waiting for!!!!! lol

  3. I really wish more people getting into GTA5 weren’t getting into online. Dude that campaign mode can tug your heart strings at some points and it really does affect you emotionally. That story was insanely good and can’t lie, I cried at the credits

  4. I've played this game many years ago, it came for free in Epic store for a limited time and I got it and now I installed again, with my new gaming pc I have to say the environment was well updated and it looks fantastic! I don't expect a game that old to look as good as this one does, really impressed me.

  5. I was in second grade when the game came out. Now I’m a sophomore in high school. But I just feel the game is very unbalanced. I wish that we can ask them for more story mode content. If they are going to bring the Police in the game. I see it working better on story mode. I have many ideas. Pls contact me privately if you want hear them.

  6. I really don’t know if I should get it or not because like the online side do people have mic’s on it I really want to know also how do u earn money? Also is it really Grindy?

  7. Is it just me, or did this dip shit say “Rockstar games listen to the community.” If so he’s smoking some strong shit. Rockstar games never listen to the community.

  8. you dont understand a thing if you say that you will be banned in gta..
    players use hacks and exploits that were around since the release of the game
    i personally added 4 billion$ in 10 min and didnt get ban corrently for 4 months…


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