Is GTA 5 Online Worth Playing in 2021?

▶Is GTA 5 Online Worth Playing in 2021?

▶7 Tips for New Players

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Is GTA 5 Online Worth Playing in 2021?

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  1. Saintsfan: A few days ago I uploaded a video for beginners on how to make money.

    You can make money with selling your vehicles in import export.

    Saintsfan shoots at random import export car.

  2. Short version: no

    Long version: play on pc if you like to risk your network, get ddosed, have cheaters get you banned, have cheaters make you look like the cheater by making their Id to yours. Have cheaters and griefers religiously go after you because you said hi in the chat. Is the game ok? Yeah it has its moments when you can be alone, but boy oh boy have the players ruined the game to the state where it's honestly dangerous to play the game due to the risk of your own network being crashed by a cheater…. so no you should not play gta online.

  3. Gta 5 online is very crappy the community is pretty shitty. I today encountered 2 brittish wannabe tryhards who just kept on killing me, i had no chance against them, then i invited them into a party then they kept on saying that im racist and trashtalk and stuff they were so annoying
    I cant defend myself because im rank 37 and i dont have money
    I did kill them a couple times
    1 extra toxic guy joined the party and started trashtalking too.
    Then i went passive mode because they kept on killing me then they started laughing and saying that im a noob

    I need help to get some money so i can buy guns and cars

    Im probably gonna go back to ps3 there are prrtty much no griefers

  4. The OP mark II is vital for a 7
    yo game . Many people still playing GTAO because they can move fastly.
    Sure is OP and a grief veichle
    but is also tge best veichle for grindind.

  5. I don’t get the whole bullshit toxic excuse this was going on long ago with even GTA iv people always tried killing everyone it’s a fucking sandbox game after all where it’s built for bullshit this is just the first GTA game where they actually added a lot of shit to do as well the irony

  6. Personely no the game is so grinding you have to force yourself to play this game there are so many fun games out there dont waste your time with this game 🤑🤑🤑

  7. I started playing it 2 weeks ago and I'm so addicted to it. They have co-op missions, pvp and survival modes, etc… Huge variety of choices and can interact with other players. Even I always get killed by them🤣 but I still like playing with real people instead of only NPCs in such a big open world. 😍


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