Is GTA Online "good" now?

in this video I talk about the current state of grand Theft Auto Online thanks in part to the recent (as of video) update that came out (Diamond casino heist) tweaking and changing alot of gameplay aspects of the core game.

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Is GTA Online "good" now?

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  1. Install GTA V on a HDD, not an SSD. I have been playing for years, and except for the one or two spawn location glitches I had that got me stuck in the clouds, the game runs well so long you don't get into a server with modders, which screw up the scripts of the lobby or on a server hosted by someone with ISDN connection or thousands of Kms away from your home.

  2. Wait what, you’re complaining about performance on PC? On console we barely get 20 FPS in a full session and in the casino we literally get less than 10. Performance wise alone is this game absolutely insane in a negative way.

  3. I can’t even imagine why ppl have been playing so long with only 2 heist until now like I get it if you started with 2020 content in 2014 but damn rockstar isn’t the company I thought I guess no one is badass only Hollywood

  4. I have to join crew members in order to get into a big lobby whenever I do that 75% of the time I'll get in a lobby with 25+ players and when I don't I get into a lobby with 2-5 players in my lobby

  5. Idk what the hell rockstar been smoking all these years…but the moment gta5 and online was released the game was a banger and became an unstant classic. Rockstar piles in money they have taken advantage of us loving the game to release Good DLCs more often and conoletely ignoring the skeleton if the game. No doubt if rockstar wud do it right they wont need to drop another gta for many years to come. FIX all issues and problems. Refine the refresh rate. Update graphics basically make it run on modern time servers etc…and map expansions…idea…blow up gta san andreas on gta online scale. Add on san fierro n las venturas a drive away then later in years add libirty city and vice city a plane ride away. Anywyas i just beleive that rockstar has been sitting onna gold mine and not really fully appreciating what they not only have but may have. Anyways great video. Ps hated last 2 updates but casino AWSOME UPDATE!


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