Is One Dollar a Realistic Price Prediction for Dogecoin?

In this video I talk about the future price of Dogecoin, what the main catalysts might be, and if whether a one dollar level is realistic.

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Is One Dollar a Realistic Price Prediction for Dogecoin?

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Comment (44)

  1. As they could not buy C4asper they are flooding the purchases of GRUMPY AND PIKACHU This does not stop and juicy profits that these last two will leave them for their price now

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  3. I was thinking people say dogecoin was made as a joke but I’m thinking young people in the future will use the coin as currency as it will be more accepted in shops etc, this coin will be hugeeee

  4. This coin cant even break past 6 cents. I diversified my portfolio and all the other coins are making me rich, not Doge. One coin reached 10 cents very easily and is still going up (Harmony). Doge just cant seem to do it. I think a lot of the buyers of Doge are delusional. I was delusional with it once.

  5. I feel like dogecoin is relatively stable compared to other altcoins and kinda follows bitcoin's price with the million to one ratio. Could dogecoin be a stable coin of bitcoin? It has a better price for convenience sake and better transaction times. Just a thought

  6. Maybe you could talk about the reverse? What is a realistic fixed future price for Dogecoin? Personally, I hope is doesn't go beyond a few dollars per Doge, ($10 max lol) but how high truly is "The Moon?"

  7. Hey Upshod – really great material always. I currently have a Robinhood account because it was easy to set up and an easy platform to use – I wanted to establish a DOGE position quickly in case it ran up more. I'm beginning to regret this a bit due to fundamental problems including 1) the notorious blocking of trades on certain stocks (yes, I know, I should have taken this as a warning before creating an account), 2) pretty significant price differences with the likes of Binance leading to limit orders not executing while the price on Binance is lower, 3) and now yesterday Robinhood had an issue yesterday with cash transfers where customers couldn't transfer cash either way! Also of course there's the issue with not having wallets although they've said they are addressing that. Taken together, I've come to the conclusion Robinhood is an EXTREMELY AMATEURISH platform incapable of reliably supporting the most fundamentally basic components of a brokerage – what does this imply about even more serious matters like security or reliability of accounting, etc.!? So I'm shopping around for an alternative and would love for you to do a tutorial on how to set up and use Binance – it's already my go to for tracking the price movements. Might be a good idea for a post from you? Meanwhile I'll dig around for tutorials myself. Sorry for the long message, but I thought you'd appreciate the context and Robinhood customer experience. Anyway, keep up the great work – love your informed and balanced style & posts.

  8. Enjoy your down to earth tone and reasonable price expectations….bullish, too on doge…seems to be a no brainer with great support and push from people that have "influence" and "money talks and doge" I believe will keep walking 🚶🐶🌕


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