Is Real-Debrid worth it? Does it make any difference?

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Is Real-Debrid worth it? Does it make any difference?

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  1. Hey my man happy 4th love your videos oh, my question to you about real-debrid comedies the big change in it I am here it is I signed up on my phone that's where my account is a mystreambox is NVIDIA SHIELD that's my only two devices I noticed that like for example my kid wants to watch a movie all the links are now seem to be only torrent links, when you click on a link that is torrent it says saving to URL real debrid Cloud I guess about downloading when you go into your account at the bottom there I see file name in the movies there would icon badge actor I know nothing about torrent links I don't know how to get my kid to watch this movie on the Nvidia Shield can you help me

  2. Real debrid is shit with anything 4K. I have gigabit fibre, and it just stutters and buffers because the bitrate is too high for real debrid's servers to stream.

    It's ok for watching 1080p and downloading files at extreme speeds, but streaming is wank for anything above 1080p and it's a shame.

    I am looking at Premiumize right now, but they are double the price unless you go for the 12/m package. Premiumize does offer a VPN, access to Usenet, 1TB cloud storage and their servers are supposedly faster, but I purchased 3 months worth literally a week ago *cry*,

    What's funny though, is I've streamed 4K with free links without any problems at all. Real debrid's servers are just wank for high end 4K streaming but perfect for anything else below and downloading. 👍

  3. Forgive me for my ignorance, but I'm not the least bit tech savvy. I wanted to know does real-debrid work on other apps as well and how much does internet speed affect buffering? Thank you.

  4. Just found your channel, awesome content. Subscribed. I have a question, and I don't know if you have an answer, but regardless I'm still going to ask. There are times where I Activate my VPN, and sometimes Real Debrid links will load up and show when I'm trying to stream a movie, but then there are times that it just doesn't show at all. My thing is, since the VPN sometimes interferes with Real Debrid, would you recommend just not using A VPN at all?

  5. Great video,
    You asked the question is real debrid Worth it. Yes it’s worth it it , if you are a cord cutters.
    Can you list all your apks and kodi resources you use.
    Thank again for shareing tricks and tips.
    And yes you just pick up a new subscriber 😀


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