Litecoin vs. Dogecoin, Which Is The Better Coin In 2021 – Litecoin Halving IMPORTANT Update

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Litecoin vs. Dogecoin, Which Is The Better Coin In 2021 – Litecoin Halving IMPORTANT Update

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  2. Hi Hayden! What about a cup and handle formation? It’s quite obvious in the pattern meaning that we could see LTC taking off shortly as a consequence. Have a great day!

  3. I would compare LTC to Vertcoin or LTC to Digibyte.. that would be a spicy topic. I sent some Digibyte to a friend today and the transation was less than a second.. almost instant.. I'm impressed.

  4. Hey HaydenI'm here in PA guys calling for a pull back on light coin and others saying it's going up just saw trade genius call a cup and handle being formed on light coin and saying is looking very bullets Molly tradesmen and then going up to higher level is that something you can verify on the chart thank you!

  5. Really interesting analysis. Łitecoin Block reward ‘halving hype’ on the horizon …🌬🏝

    Supply of new Łitecoin entering the market is cut in half in August this year. Last 2015 ŁTC ‘halving’ signified the beginnings of 2015-2017 price surge!

  6. Litecoin is way better, better PoW and use cases. The halving protocol and beam partnership. It's the silver to bitcoin and is much faster and cheaper to use than bitcoin. Doge was meant to be a joke.

  7. Congrats on your patreon. The school my wife worked at closed at the end of March. So I can't join at the moment at least until she finds another job. Always something.


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