Lordaeron Recreated In Warcraft III Reforged! | Warcraft III Reforged

Lordaeron Recreated In Warcraft III Reforged!

Mystic Nefro & Keeper Axen plans to make many more custom maps and with the attention to detail he put into stormwind I can’t wait to see what else he makes!

Stormwind Recreated:
Gilneas Recrated:
Silvermoon Recreated:

Night Elf Models:
Undead Campaign Models:
Undead Models:
Jaina Skin:
Thrall Skin:
Ogre & Gnoll:
Dragon Models:
Dota Heroes:
Bandit & Wizards:
Centaur & Harpy:
Power of the Horde:
Race cars:

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Comment (39)

  1. If you think about it, the Scourge would have still overrun Lordaeron, even if our "This entire City MUST BE PURGED!" Prince Arthas wouldn't have purged Stratholme. Medivh was right at the very beginning and if Arthas would have listend to Medivh, we proberly would have… Lordaeron now in Kalimdor ? 😛 Just a Theory… a GAME theory ;3

  2. The artstyle is all over the place with this remaster, while most doodads and units have a realistic look. The terrain and the trees look very cartoony. Its very bad imo. That said, this is one amazing recreation of the capital city, great work.

  3. They should had added a church district, I know we don’t see it in WoW but it makes no sense that lordaeron doesn’t have 1 when it was the main alliance city & they formed the silver hand


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