Marko Dragic Does Not Like John Marston – Red Dead Redemption 2

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Marko Dragic Does Not Like John Marston – Red Dead Redemption 2

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Comment (46)

  1. I really think no difference is made when starting this mission as either Arthur or John both dialogue scenes are the same the only difference is if you start as Arthur and finish as John Marko will remember Arthur as "the buffoon"

  2. Tagback the mission you are doing us based off an actual experiment done by tesla in 1898 in his quest to harness the power of electricity and marko's lab is based of tesla's oab

  3. i have never seen a person die like that.. he died like the animals that are hit mortally but bleed out .. also why is this video zoomed in tag? you dont usually do that, cant see certain parts of video

  4. Wish there was a mission where you jack this dude for the toy boat and use it to rob a docked casino boat or something as a tip of the hat to that one mission in gta 5

  5. Good job man! You walked away at the worst time! He freaking kicked his stuff in the pond and I'm sure we all would have loved to see that! Stop being so quick to leave and do other things during talking points man!

  6. So this is unrelated to the video but i was hunting the legendary buck and accidentally knocked over a bunch of sticks with a drum with like a drawing of a deer on and now everywhere in the game i hear weird deer screaming noises? Anyone else???

  7. Marko's crazy TagBack! He has plans to rule the world with the robot he made in his lab. By mass producing them and getting government approval too. For factories to make them and conquer the world. U can find his plans in his lab after hes killed by his robotic son.

  8. Marko doesn't like anyone, that's why he made a robot cuz he has no friends 😂

    also love ur videos, already on ur 132th video in the gameplay folder and ive only been watching vids from ur channel since last Wednesday lol

  9. 2:40 For anyone who doesn't know, Marco just asked the dude how his hemorrhoids are. Piles = hemorrhoids 😂

    Also, I'm wondering if the "hot poker in my @$$" comment wasn't a random inclusion. This is the second period piece I've heard that phrase mentioned in. (The other one was in a show about Anna Edson Taylor, the chick who the rdr2 lady in the barrel was based on.
    Now, that is some serious rdr2/IRL "hot poker in my @$$"-ception, my friends.

    Okay, I have Epic Griefer Griefing to do. 🤘

  10. This is one mission that I didn't follow up on during my first go. Need to go back and try again. Love the content. Wish my work and your live streams didn't line up the way it does but I always watch the full replays.


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