MAX REACTS: Mortal Kombat Aftermath Trailer & ROBOCOP!?

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  1. Kobra I love that character his story his personality, his mentality, his construction I really want to see him again I hope they give Kobra a good opportunity because really that character has a lot, a lot of potential to exploit and offer to the mk universe Personally, I would give him a design the same as Chuck Norris but more blond and bearded with tanned skin, hairy chest and delinquent tattoos on his arms and neck. His Kobra Kai karate uniform and his street fighter shoes left him but I would put him on motorcycle wantes and even put on boots and a motorcycle vest and would make him addicted to violence and fights with outbursts of rage. And it would make him the sworn rival and enemy of Striker and Erron Black

  2. I know Robocop's addition seems off…. but when you remember that the movie was rated R, and and the violence was even toned down…. it kind of fits

    besides….if terminator fits… why not Robocop??

  3. "What the did to Terminator"
    As a casual player, only doing story, krypt and towers for fun, I usually don't get stuff that experts and pros talk about at all. Terminator was fun to me. Youtubers and expert players say that stuff a lot in fighting games and it makes it seem that the better you get the less fun the game is?


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